Taiwanese Spicy Noodle Soup With Sweet BBQ Pork Ribs


This aromatic, spicy, and superb soup is my favorite noodle soup. The broth is pretty simple to make, you just need to be patient to cook it on a low heat, it will take about 3 hours to simmer to develop the deep fragrant flavor. Once you manage to make the broth, you can add any kind of vegetable and meat you are most fond of. I used BBQ pork ribs that I actually bought from Chinese market. For me, it is quite delicious enough, and somehow I never really tempted of making my own. You can say that I am cheating on this one, that's alright...., I always believe that there are something I can easily duplicate at home, and something I just have to leave it to the professional master to make it.

Taiwanese Spicy Noodle Soup With Sweet BBQ Pork
serve 4 to 6

The Broth
1½ pounds pork spare ribs
1 large onion, peeled
5 cloves garlic
2 whole star anise
5 whole Szechuan peppercorn (I didn't use any, I ran out of this)
7 whole red peppercorn
1 whole clove
2 slices of ginger
1 tbs chili pepper flakes
5 whole dried chilies
10 dried Shitake mushroom, soak with hot water to soften (reserve the water to add to your broth)
¼ cup Shaoxing cooking wine
¼ cup reduce sodium tamari or soy sauce
12 cups water
salt to taste
  • Place all ingredient in a soup pot, simmer on low for 2 to 3 hours. Skim the foam that rises to the surface from time time. Strain the broth, and discard the ribs, onion, garlic and the spices, but leave the Shitake mushroom for garnish. Taste and adjust seasoning as needed
To serve
14 oz fresh egg noodle
1½ pounds Chinese sweet BBQ pork ribs, cut into small pieces
cilantro & green scallion, optional
hot chili sauce, if you like it spicier
  • Add water to a large pot, place the pot on the stove over set over high heat, bring water to a boil, add fresh noodle, cook according to package direction. Divide the noodle among prepared bowls. Add BBQ pork ribs, and garnish with cilantro and green scallion, pour some of the broth and serve immediately.


That first shot is beautiful! What a delicious looking soup.


Finla said…
wwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooo Wihs i had that bowl of delicous looking spoup and they are really filling and delicous.
pigpigscorner said…
I was just thinking of making some spicy noodles tonight! Yours looks and sounds so yum..I like the idea of serving with sotre-bought BBQ ribs =)
Anonymous said…
Elra, I don't think I've had Taiwanese before. The soups looks so flavorful and delightfully spicy.

Joanne said…
This soup sounds beautifully spiced! I agree, sometimes it's worth it to take the shortcut...especially if you're getting it from the experts!
Jeannie said…
Looks very similar to our wanton noodles soup here! We add bbq slices instead of ribs. Delicious with preserved green chillies and soya sauce.
La Bella Cooks said…
I love your photos as they make this soup all the more inviting. I know my husband would adore this dish.
Anonymous said…
Wow, what an incredible specialty soup! So aromatic and delicious!
FOODalogue said…
Great looking soup. Star Anise is one of my favorite spices and I've been using it more frequently lately.
T said…
The fresh egg noodles are so perfect! This looks delicious, as always :)
Taste of Beirut said…
That soup looks like a wonderful brew; too bad it is so hot here (90s) to enjoy one like this right away!
Mary Bergfeld said…
This looks unbelievably good. The king of dish that warms from the tip of the nose to the bottom of the toes. I love the flavors you have used her. I hope to try this soon. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary
Robyn MacLarty said…
Ooooh, I'm going to set aside some time to make this on the weekend. Looks like a perfect winter warmer...
Unknown said…
I like your noodle spicy soupe !!!

you make yourself the egg noodles ???

bises et bon mercredi gourmand

Your photos are absolutely beautiful!
Marisa said…
What a striking looking soup!
Live.Love.Eat said…
My mouth is watering. I just love ribs. The photos are beautiful.
Velva said…
Oh my goodness! The photos really bring the soup alive. I know that soup would warm my soul. Love it.
Silvia said…
Oh I want that soup! Love those clear flavorful broths! what a treat!
Lidia said…
Beautifull colors of this recipe!!Great pict!
I like noodles! So particular the combination with star anice.....wonderfull dish elra!!
MaryMoh said…
What a beautiful bowl of noodle soup! I love Taiwanese food. A Taiwanese friend of mine once cooked beef noodle soup for me. It was absolutely delicious...mmm. Thanks for sharing yours. MaryMoh at http://www.keeplearningkeepsmiling.com
Looks delicious. I also feel gratified that I've been putting the right ingredients in my noodle broth. Now I can add a few more and improve it. :)
Lori said…
Oh my God Elra- this is a thing of beauty. It looks so delicious and inviting.
Nancy said…
Hi Elra,

This soup looks absolutely fantastic - I love the spiciness and the bbq ribs. Yum!
Cakebrain said…
I much prefer noodles to rice. Looks so good!
that soup sounds amazing, and that photo is just incredible!!
Barbara Bakes said…
Love the photos. I don't think it's cheating at all. I think it's a great idea.
SallyBR said…
I've never made broth using pork spareribs, seems luscious!

gorgeous photo, wonderful recipe!

thanks, Elra!
Ana Powell said…
That first shot is beautiful and awesome.
Great work, well done ♥